Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's Sunday night and time for a new post, but I am avoiding work, which I had vowed to do all day and have yet to accomplish! I am feeling sad, and melancholy with no real reason in sight. I've been thinking a lot over the past few days about this whole non-abandonment of the feminine. What would be the opposite of non-abandonment any way? Actually embracing it? Perhaps we could coin a new word: embracement. That as we move away from abandoning the feminine, we move toward complete and total "embracement." That seems like a word I could live with--embracement. (The definition, as it now appears in Mindy's dictionary: embracement--the act of embracing; the state of being in total embrace.)

I raised the question in the first post that I do not even know what to call the feminine part of me that I apparently abandoned so long ago. Do I call it the feminine principle? That seems to feel right. It seems to fit the most closely for now. Does it even help to define it? I don't know. But for some reason tonight, I am needing definition. Perhaps simply because I need the clarity that can accompany definition, which perhaps is really what I am needing tonight, as I continue to move forward on this path of embracement of the feminine principle.

As I began this journey several months ago, I thought, as I have numerous times over the years about all the admonitions to nurture my inner child. It seems as though no matter how many times I have heard it or read it, I still have little or no concept of what in the world it means to actually do it. How do I nurture my inner child? Sometimes I wonder how to even find her! When I wrote my first post to this blog, I knew that I did not have the answer yet on how to move toward complete and total embracement of the feminine principle or power in me that I had abandoned so long ago. I wish I could tell you right now that I do have that answer. It would make me feel so much wiser than I feel in this moment.

I do know that by simply being willing to fully integrate the feminine in me, I have begun a process of opening up in ways that I little imagined three months ago. Just setting the intention to allow the integration, to allow the balance of this part of myself with the other parts of me, and tonight, setting the intention to move toward full embracement, has set things in motion. I know this is about claiming my full power as a woman, as a human being on this earth, as a soul that is intricately intertwined with so many others. It is time that my life take a different path. It is time that I am guided by a different voice, a more full and complete voice, the voice of myself as I chose to come into this world so long ago. And tonight, this is what I choose. I choose to be in a state of total embrace with myself. I choose embracement.

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