Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creativity and Abandonment

For the last several months, I have felt increasingly driven to create. I am currently in the process of creating a collage. I have also received visions of two paintings that I am to create representing abandonment. Funny thing, I don't really consider myself an artist, and certainly not a painter.

A colleague of mine at work this week told me that he has decided to completely change direction in his life. He feels he has been beating his head against the wall in his current career. The interesting thing? His decision was prompted from a question I raised with him: "What are you doing in your life that is creative?"

Two weekends ago, my neices and I got together for an art project. It was interesting to see how the three of us each approached the task. It was also interesting to see how different the results were. The same project, three different artists, three different results. That was very much a lesson to me. When we were finished, one of my nieces told how she felt her art piece was a reflection of her and her personality. Another lesson. Have I ever looked at a piece of art that I have created to see how it might reflect me?

So, as we work with healing from abandonment, how can we use our creativity to help us in the process? Creativity is a true expression of the soul. What are you doing these days to let your soul speak? What are you doing these days to listen?
Let your heart fly this week. Do something creative.

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